How to Take Care of Your Dog’s Teeth

Smelly breath and bad teeth seems almost inevitable in our furry friends.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t know how to, or are afraid, to take care of your dog’s teeth.  They don’t [...]

Finding Healthy Dog Treats for Your Pet

Most pet owners know the importance of feeding their dog high quality pet foods that are appropriate for their breed and age. Food that is wholesome, nutritious and good for your pet can have a [...]

Dog Safety – Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy All Winter Long

Dog safety during the winter can be tough on both you and your pooch! It’s tempting to stay snuggled up inside and watch Netflix and chill all winter, but your pet probably won’t thank you for [...]

Guaranteed Analysis – Finding the Right Food For Your Dog

What to Feed Your Dog For first time dog owners, and even for seasoned veterans, it can be difficult to figure out what to feed your dog. With so many options out there, all claiming to be the [...]

A Holiday Your Dog Will Remember

Whether it be a small handout of dropped chicken or a seat specifically designated for their favorite canine, dog owners are all too familiar with their pet’s eventual access to human food. This [...]

Top 3 Benefits of Pumpkin for your Dog

So it turns out mom was right – again! There are definitely benefits that come from adding pumpkin to your dogs diet. Not only is pumpkin good for dogs, but our furry friends should be eating a [...]

Do You Know How Much to Feed a Dog?

Are you confused about how much to feed a dog? If you have a dog, you want to provide him with the best nutrition possible without overfeeding and increasing his risk for obesity. You can’t count [...]

Essential Oils Did What For My Dog?

I know. Where does it end with all of this “healthy” and “good for us” stuff, right? With us here at Fetch! Gourmet Dog Treats, it never does. We are constantly searching [...]

Spring Safety Topics for Your Dog

Thanks in part to our friends at the ASPCA, I have compiled a simple list of spring safety topics use this season as we focus on keeping your furry pal safe this Spring. It’s that time of [...]

Treats in a Doggy Waste Bag, and Other Things to Watch Out For

This weeks post comes to you with some pretty strong emotion on my part. For any of us out there that truly care about and take pride in providing our furry family members with the absolute best [...]

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