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The Benefits of Salmon Oil & Oat Flour For Dogs

The Benefits of Salmon Oil & Oat Flour For Dogs

We use Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil with Omega 3 fatty acids in all of our treats:

Salmon oil lubricates the skin and helps maintain a glossy, healthy coat and strong teeth and nails. It also is beneficial for joint health and studies have shown it to ward off arthritis. Just as in people, it is also recommended for keeping the heart healthy in dogs. Finally, salmon oil may boost the immune system by providing important micro-nutrients lacking in commercial diets.

Salmon Oil for Health Problems:

Just as salmon oil can help build better brains and bones in younger dogs, it can be helpful as an anti-inflammatory supplement for arthritic dogs. It may also help keep brain functioning sharp in aging dogs. It is recommended for dogs with skin allergies and to help various skin conditions heal faster

Salmon Oil for Puppies:

Research by the IAMS pet food company indicates that the fatty acid DHA in fish oils promotes better brain development in puppies, and several dog food companies are now adding it to their puppy formulas. There is no downside to giving salmon oil to a dog of any age.

We Use Oat Flour in all of our treats:

The American Pharmaceutical Association reports oats to be safe and effective when used to reduce cholesterol levels, both in people and animals.  In addition, many veterinarians now recommend some oatmeal or bran in your pet’s diet to help keep them regular and to protect against heart disease.  Oats can help keep cholesterol in check for dogs, just as it does for people!

Oats Contain Healthy Amounts of:

Fiber · Selenium (fights cancer) · B vitamins · Iron · Phosphorous · Manganese · Calcium