6 Awesome Mind Blowing Facts About Fetch! Healthy Dog Treats

Let me put it to you like this, Fetch! isn’t just your average dog treat company. With a wonderful team of dog lovers behind us, we have put together a recipe for tasty success that we think your dog will appreciate. With our low prices, we’re confident you’ll enjoy the savings in your pocket too. With that said, let us nail down a few things you maybe didn’t know about our healthy dog treats. By the end of this article, we’re hoping you’ll at least give us a try!

1) They Are Really Good For Your Dog

Down to the very last ingredient, we made it a point from the beginning of this company that Fetch! Dog Treats aren’t just about taste.  They are healthy dog treats that you can feel safe giving your dog. If you have never owned a dog then it is hard to truly understand just how much we (dog owners) care about our dogs. To us, they are our children, our grand dogs, an extension of our human family. Many people don’t understand that! Your average dog parent does not spent crazy amounts of time researching every ingredient in every treat or bag of food, and it would be nice to find a brand we know our dog will enjoy every time, for a reasonable cost, that also happens to be healthy, safe and Made In The USA. Well, I’m here to tell you, you found it!

2) They Don’t Cost A Ton Of Cash

If you’re anything like us, you don’t have the luxury of throwing money around carelessly in a search for treats that are both healthy and tasty for your dog . Sure, your dog might eat the really cheap treats, but you may very well be playing a very expensive game of cat and mouse with the vet because of their quality. You’ve probably also tried some ‘homemade’ treats from a local vendor at the church craft show as well, and maybe your dog turned up his nose to them. We had all of this in mind when we decided on how to go about creating the perfect treat for your dog, and your wallet. You won’t have to empty your bank account with Fetch!, and we’ll ship them for free if you spend $35 with us!

3) Your Dog Will Enjoy The Taste

Okay, before you go on about how your dog loves anything you give him or her, hear me out. I get it, your dog loves pizza; but pizza doesn’t exactly do your dog’s digestive system many favors. Side note: neither does beer (you’d be surprised!). We suggest finding a healthy treat you can supplement with some of the usual “healthy dog greats” you give your pup! Leave the pizza and beer drinking to the humans! Our theory is that even the most finicky dogs love our treats due to the high quality of the human grade ingredients that we use. So they think that they are getting something that they normally shouldn’t, but really, it’s you that is putting one over on them!

4) We Bake Every Treat Fresh In The Good Ol’ USA

If I read one more thing about some “healthy dog treat” that is now being recalled to China as a result of killing or severely harming dogs, I think I might start an organization to try and get overseas treats banned from America! Luckily, with Fetch! you don’t have to worry about all of that. We bake every single treat from scratch out of our special dog friendly kitchen in Buffalo, NY. Every healthy dog treat we produce is filled with our high grade all-natural ingredients. Please, for the sake of all dogs, stop ordering from overseas pet treat companies just to save $1 or $2. It’s not worth it!

5) We Are Locally Owned And Operated

Nothing corporate here. No mass distribution from out of town underpaid factory workers or jacked up prices in order to accommodate some overpaid CEO’s multi million dollar lifestyle. We are just a small team of genuine dog lovers, who happen to know a little about business, banding together and trying to get a dog treat on the market that even the most finicky of dogs will enjoy. After years of trial and error, we’ve finally found the perfect mix of healthy and tasty. Our future plans involve always remaining a family oriented business with more focus on the dogs than our paychecks (or lack there of!).


As just previously mentioned, we didn’t create this company with a profit in mind. The idea was sparked when our vet strongly advised against buying any store bought treats as the risk of allergies or illness was too great. Then we thought, wow, how many other dogs need our help or have owners who don’t have the ability to bake them treats on a regular basis? Probably a lot, and so here we are! The more treats we can sell, the more dogs we can help. What exactly sets Fetch! apart from every other healthy dog treat company? We actually give a crap!

And that about does it! My intention wasn’t to be too over the top with this article, and my passion for providing your dog healthy dog treats from Fetch! is no secret. It would be really incredible and appreciated if you gave us a shot and placed a single order to give us an opportunity to win your business! Along this journey,we’ve figured out a lot about running this company. Ultimately, it’s not really about the owners, it’s about the dogs. However, to get to the dogs, we have to go through owners like you! We sure hope you’ll find it in your heart to give your dog a chance to eat what we feel is the best healthy dog treat on the market today. We hope you have a good dog-gone day (had to throw in the corny dog reference here) and thank you so much for reading this article!

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