10 Must-Have Apps for Dog Owners

Taking top-notch care of your dog has never been easier, thanks to some high-tech help! We’ve compiled a list of 10 apps that cover everything from health care to play dates and make caring for your dog a snap!

  1. Whistle– Essentially a GPS tag attachment to your dog’s collar, Whistle will track your dog’s activity and send you alerts if he goes beyond the boundaries you’ve pre-set. It will also measure and track movement so you can keep track of how much exercise your dog is getting. 90 day free trial. (Available on IOS and Android)
  2. Doggy Datez is a mobile social platform for dog owners and their dogs to make friends. “Mark your territory” and then see who else is nearby and available to socialize. Refine your search for friends by gender, age, dog breed, dog gender and age. (Available on IOS and Android)
  3. Pet Phone– The Pet Phone app helps you easily keep track of all your pet’s vital healthcare history and information. Keep track of appointments, medications, allergies and food preferences for each of your pets. Sync with calendar systems for reminders and updates. (Available on IOS)
  4. iCam Curious about what your dog is up to in real-time? iCam is your #1 choice for watching your dog remotely. This is especially useful when leaving your dog home alone for the first few times, you recently moved, or your traveling. (Available on IOS and Android)
  5. Petoxins It can be tough to keep track of all the different plants that are hazardous to your pet’s health. Petoxins offers an extensive and up-to-date catalog of poisonous and potentially dangerous plants and vegetation. (Available on IOS)
  6. MapMyDogWalk The perfect app for getting you and Fido into shape at the same time! Log your walks, track your calories and map your favorite routes using GPS. The app also has sharing and geotagging features for photos and data. (Available on IOS and Android)
  7. Pet First Aid– Having a pet is a lot of fun, but it’s also a big responsibility. Occasionally, there may be health or safety scares and Pet First Aid can help walk you through the steps to make sure your pet will be okay. Informative videos and illustrations include muzzling, restraint, CPR, bandaging, and more. (Available on IOS and Android)
  8. Pet Minder Pro– Pet Minder Pro is the ultimate organizer for all your dog’s needs, activities and appointments. By tapping custom buttons, keep track of medication and feeding schedules, exercise and play dates. You can also track training phases for puppies, and track and share information and data. (Available on Android)
  9. Petsie Dog Breeds- Answering the question, “What kind of dog is he?” isn’t always easy, especially if your dog is a rescue or mix! Petsie Dog Breeds to the rescue! Not only can it field questions about dog breeds, but it’s full of adorable photos and information and even has social media and sharing tools! (Available on Android)
  10. Weather PuppyIt’s always useful to know weather conditions before you take your pup out for a stroll or some fun at the dog park, but Weather Puppy takes it to a whole new level of information and cute overload! The app features hundreds of photos of dogs in all types of weather conditions and even allows you to upload pictures of your own pooch! (Available on IOS and coming soon to Android)

Did we miss any? Leave us a comment below and tell us which app YOU use to make dog care easy, fun and organized!


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