Tail Wagg'in Fresh!

The best in homemade, locally sourced treats for your dog. Made with 100% all natural and organic ingredients. Order some today! 716-249-0641



Delicious treats for dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and temperaments. Fetch! produces treats that are guaranteed safe, healthy and 100% all natural! There are no fillers, byproducts, certified colors or chemical preservatives in any product that we make.

We will not use ingredients for the sake of using ingredients. That means that nearly everything that goes into making your dogs treat will provide some sort of essential benefit. For this reason, you will not see things like artificial flavoring, sugar, vegetable or canola oils, baking soda or baking powder. Those ingredients either provide no benefit to your dog or can be harmful.

We focus on simple recipes, with heart healthy ingredients like whole grain oat flour and wild Alaskan salmon oil. With Fetch! Gourmet Dog Treats, every crunchy bite is Tail Wagg’in Fresh!

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