Tail Wagg'in Fresh!

The best in homemade, locally sourced treats for your dog. Made with 100% all natural and organic ingredients. Order some today! 716-249-0641


Natural Dog Treats & Durable Toys

We are WNY’s trusted source for gourmet all natural dog treats. Currently offering 3 unique and pawsitively awesome flavors that your dog is sure to love! Every batch that we produce is free of wheat, chemicals, preservatives, and certified colors. With no added fats, sugars, oils or sodium other than what is naturally occurring in our healthy and beneficial ingredients.

When you shop with us, we guarantee you the highest quality, small batch, all natural dog treats available on the market. Our treats are handmade with the same love for your dog that only you, his owner, can understand. With Fetch!, your family is our family too!

Take the Tail Wagg’in Fresh challenge today and give us a try.

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